Air Blower

Air blowers have many applications in various industries such as aquaculture, wastewater treatment, food plants, chemical plants and more. Especially in the wastewater treatment industry, because bacteria need oxygen, large amounts of air are blown into aeration tanks. This process requires continuous operation of air blowers and a reliable, steady flow of clean.

Roots blowers: function of sewage treatment is to use air inlet and blast through the bottom air duct to aerate and lift the bottom sediment, and then discharge it through the wastewater pump. The microorganisms in the sewage are oxidized and then achieve the purpose of clear sewage.

Regenerative blowers: have multi-vane impellers that rotate inside its chamber with the use of an electric motor. The impeller rotates inside the blower housing, pulling air in through the inlet, or vacuum side. The impeller then accelerates the air or gas inside the housing until it is fully pressurized, and discharges it through the exhaust outlet, or pressure side.

This blower generates very little noise and comes in a compact package. It is cost-efficient and highly adaptable. Regenerative blowers are useful in industrial applications, when simple fans or basic vacuum systems cannot get the job done.

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Air Blower