Other products

Besflow also provides heat exchangers, air blowers, pipes and a number of other equipment in the water transportation and treatment process..

Heat Exchanger: A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment that transfers heat from one medium to another and follows the equalization principle. There are two main types of heat exchanger are direct heat exchange and indirect heat exchange though divided media.

Air blowers: Air blowers have many applications in various industries such as aquaculture, wastewater treatment, food plants, chemical plants and more. Especially in the wastewater treatment industry, because bacteria need oxygen, large amounts of air are blown into aeration tanks. This process requires continuous operation of air blowers and a reliable, steady flow of clean.

Pipes:Pipes are indispensable materials in all projects with the purpose of transporting water to the location where it is needed, then moving wastewater to the treatment station and returning it to the natural environment.

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